Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Jiggy piece - Kikimama23

... the final frontier... not exactly what Chrissy had in mind, she meant astronomy, nebulae, comets, planets, the moon's surface etc - but every time I thought about this piece the opening theme to Star Trek came flying into my mind...
So I emailed her: 'how do you fancy the Starship Enterprise wombling across the front of your piece?' and her response was that she'd love it as she loved sci-fi - what a result!
In the end I couldn't find a small enough model of the NCC-1701 Enterprise that I liked, so instead went with a slightly converted model of 'Thunderbird 1' which came from my husbands 'Starfleet Battles" miniatures collection - thanks Paul!
The title is printed using an old Dymo reel printer as it reminded me of the computer graphics they used in the original Star Trek series.

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kikimama said...

Tee hee, this is fab! Love the story too, lol.