Sunday, 15 March 2009

Had my hair permed this week but I'm still not sure if I'm really happy with it - its dropping out really quickly and I have to mousse it to within an inch of its life to get the curls to stay in - not really what I wanted... but I'll see how it goes for a bit longer before I decide what to do about it. Isn't it funny how we girlies are often not happy about our hair - if it's straight we want it curly, if it's curly we want it straight... no wonder there are so many hairdressers in town...

Finished my "inchies" for the swap on UKScrappers - the first one is stamped with Memories black ink for the bird, then overstamped with white Stazon with the word 'beauty' (a bit hard to see in the pic!) and a jewel stuck onto the background (which was coloured using Distress Inks).
The second one is also stamped with black Memories onto a Distress Ink background, the leaves were coloured with a green glitter pen and the whole thing covered with Crackle Glaze - and thats where my problems started... I'd not used this product before and might have been a bit heavy-handed with it, and all my inchies started to curl up at the edges as the glaze dried... I've had to stick them onto another piece of cardstock using permanent Herma and weight them down to try and get the curl out, hopefully I've succeeded...

The third one is a strip from a Hambly acetate overlay which I've layered over a Distress Inked background and then dipped the edges in liquid UTEE (Ultra Thick Embossing Powder) using my Melt Pot, sort of a faux metal-soldered effect. I'd not used my Melt Pot in years (and boy the smell sure told me that!) but I had great fun reminding myself just what I could do with it.

Now I've got these finished and sent off to the host, I can really start planning my next project... I've joined in with a swap called the Arty Farty Jigsaw Swap - we're working in teams of 9 using a 12x12" chipboard (cardboard) jigsaw base. Each member of the team has their own theme and we make a piece for each of our team members, then send them off to the co-ordinator who puts everyones jigsaws together and sends them back, so you get a completed jigsaw on your theme made by you and 8 other very talented people. We've got until the 29th May to finish all 9 pieces which on the face of it sounds AGES but in reality is 9-10 weeks away - thats a bit over a piece a week.

My theme is music in purple - I've sent each of my teamies a piece of the same purple ribbon we all wore to Pete's funeral and I've asked that they incorporate it into their jigsaw piece somehow. My own piece is (at the moment) going to have some pictures of Pete sandwiched into slide mounts making a little book of pics of him, and the cover will have the ribbon wrapped around the slide mount... this might all change when I actually get the blank jigsaw in front of me and I actually make a start...

Wish me luck - I think I'm going to need it!

Monday, 9 March 2009

Warning - infrequent poster alert!!!

Just had to share this pic of the sunset taken from my balcony the other night... all those aeroplane trails in the sky make me want to save my pennies and go fly somewhere again mysefl!

OK, so I've not updated for a while - just goes to show that time really does fly when you're having fun!

The UKScrappers cybercrop went really well - got some nice layouts done and am pleased with the amount that I did. However, that was over a month ago now and I've still to finish clearing my craft desk off (oops...)

Pete's funeral was a really lovely occasion, I think we did him proud. The church was packed out and several of us made it up to the crem afterwards, which was very emotional. Some beautiful floral tributes to the big man, including at least 2 wreaths in the shape of a guitar... Afterwards we went back to the Sutton Arms for the wake and it was again packed out. I had to work during the afternoon/early evening but managed to get back to the pub before they closed to catch up with some old friends.
This Saturday the Sutton Arms had another tribute night to him, his band Hair of the Dog played with some guest singers and players, a very enjoyable evening. It's still very strange walking into the pub and not seeing Pete sat in his corner, not sure how long I'll feel that way but there are plenty of friendly faces there to chat with.

And talking of chatting with friends, I joined Facebook a while back but have only really just started using it - 18 out of my 23 friends so far on there are people I know from the pub... I really must get out more...!

Crafting-wise I'm making "inchies" - inch-square pieces of artwork for another swap on UKScrappers. I'm doing 30 in 3 batches of 10 and so far the first set have come out just about ok, but the second set have gone a bit perculiar... not quite sure whether I can rectify the problem or whether I should just start again.