Friday, 13 January 2012

Welcome to 2012!

OK, so I kinda drifted off again at the end of 2011, but hey whats new... I'll have a good sort out of pics to upload over the weekend whilst I'm trying to finish my current project and make a start on my art journal calendar pages for January. Yup, I'm moving into art journalling, it looks a whole bunch of fun and as my fella bought me Kate Crane's DVD's for Christmas I'm all inspired to get paints inks and sprays out and get all messy!

So for 2012 I'm going to hold back on the monthly swaps and instead concentrate on working on things for me - I have loads of scrapbook pages I want to do, lots of projects I want to have a go at and lots of craft-related sorting out and tidying up to achieve - this year i *will* sort my clear stamps out into some sort of order, mainly because I can't get any more packs into the box and they are in danger of getting seriously squished!

The weightwatchers is still going great guns - just before Christmas I'd actually hit 3 stone lost, but then it kinda went back up a bit, and down a bitm and up a bit etc... so now all the festivities are over and the year has started proper, I can really get focussed and get back onto properly tracking my meals and watching what I eat. Especially as I'm being taken away in May by my friend Tim - so I could do with looking a lot neater and trimmer by then!

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