Monday, 5 September 2011

Tip-In pages

..."what's a tip-in page?" I hear you ask... well it's a piece of artwork that you create which gets inserted between the pages of a book, kinda an Altered Art thing, and yes it's another swap on UKScrappers, it sounded rather intriguing so I signed up for it... Everyone in the group has their own individual theme, each page to be 7" by 5" in portrait style so will drop perfectly into a book, and not too lumpy/bumpy...

3 months down the line and several bottles of hair dye later I finally got 11 pages off in the post to Netty this morning.. I'd put my name down for 2 groups of 6, so had to do 12 pages, but the second page for myself just wasn't playing ball so I wasn't able to post it. But everyone else's are done - and here's the pics to prove it lol...

Me - Alice in Wonderland

Nicci24lego - Peter Pan

jainethepain - Positive Thinking

Voodoo Vixen - Shakespears Plays
(I did Romeo and Juliet)
Thats the first 4... 

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