Sunday, 18 January 2009

Where did the time go?

They say a week is a long time in politics...

It's also a long time in Blog-land too. Not quite sure how I got through this week, so much seems to have happened!

Tuesday got my car MOT'd - so I'm good to go for another year. BUT I need 2 new rear tyres and the tracking needs adjusting, also new rear brake shoes(?) 'cos the handbrake has too much travel in it. Almost sounds like I know what I'm talking about, but my b/f does and seeing as how he's going to be the one doing the work that's all that matters!

Wednesday stayed in and watched The Match on the telly - it's funny how I've lived in Southend for 22 years almost and have never yet been to a match at Roots Hall... I'm not really into football tho but it was a case of local pride. We were never going to have beaten Chelsea in a million years so to score the first goal after 16 minutes was fab... shame that Chelsea proceeded to put 4 goals past our goalie before the final whistle.

Friday we went down to our local to see a live band called Replica. Not seen them before, they weren't bad but not as good as other bands we have seen there.

And last night we were back at the Sutton to see one of our favourite bands, Junk Yard Aliens... well worth going to see as they are a great laugh and play some good stuff. They played "Walking By Myself" and dedicated it to Big Pete, and several people had tears running down their faces, myself included. It was one of his favourite songs, he played it so well, and it's just another hard reminder that he's gone. Funeral is set for a week on Thursday and that's going to be hard.

Today? Going to spend the afternoon crafting - I have 2 sets of Artist Trading Cards to make for swaps I've signed up for on UKScrappers, and ONLY THEN can I start playing fully with the cybercrop mystery kit I received on Friday - I've got a few ideas on what to do with it but can't play until I've done the ATC's.

What's a cybercrop? go to and find out!

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