Tuesday, 15 March 2011

A different project - a whole new me!

Something different again, but a project which is a whole lot more personal to me.

Doesn't involve crafting per se, altho crafting might help me take my mind off things, but this year I am determined to lose weight and shape up. So I joined Weightwatchers at the beginning of January following their new ProPoints diet, and 8 weeks later I've lost 1st 1lb (was 2lb but rather naughtily put a pound on last week grrr). I'm not going to lie, it's hard work keeping track of what I'm eating rather than just dipping my hand into the sweetie jar or biscuit barrel, but I need to stay focussed and do my best to resist temptation.

Thats where the crafting comes in - if I'm keeping busy I can't be snacking now can I... oh hang on, grazing my way thru bars of chocolate or packs of biscuits at crops is partly to blame...

Cherry tomatoes - that's my new snack food - they are zero pro-points and I love 'em! I now keep a bowl in the fridge topped up with them, and every time I open the fridge door I swipe a couple of tomatoes to keep me going. And at my last crop, I took a pot filled with them too - and grazed on them all day.

I may have lost just over a stone, but I still have a long long way to go. Luckily my friends around me are very supportive and encouraging me to succeed, which is helping a lot. I'll keep you informed!


fatmonica said...

Congratulations on doing so well.I'm going to try the cherry tomato thing,good idea!

lambeek said...

well done you!! i've lost 2st8lbs on ww since july last year..... nearly at goal... it really works!!

Weasel said...

Thanks ladies! and thanks for dropping by!