Monday, 10 January 2011

Oh good grief...10 months gap?

Ye gods where does the time go... well the earlier months of 2010 were spent doing some crafting, working, decorating the kitchen and a lovely trip to Belgium for the weekend with my friend Tim and members of the National Piers Society. I then spent a lot of the summer driving down to spend time with my Dad in Ashford who was not having a very good much so that we moved him from the Assisted Living home he was in, into full residential care at a Methodist Care home in Whitstable. Then at the end of August my fella and I went away for a few days to the Ironbridge Gorge and then back to the B&B in Wales we found the previous year... End of October my niece Jozella had a baby boy, unfortunately he arrived 12 weeks early and is still fighting in intensive care in hospital in I'm now a Great-Aunt!

However at the beginning of November my world fell apart... my Dad died very suddenly on Sunday 7th November... no warning altho he'd been feeling off colour and a bit breathless a few days beforehand, but not enough for his Doctor to be really worried... but his heart just decided it had had enough. He was 88. I found it hard to accept because I'd only seen him the previous Saturday, I'd gone down to the care home as they were having Halloween fun and games, and my sister, brother and his partner were there too. We had had a lovely day and Dad seemed to enjoy the day, altho he spent the afternoon wearing a rather bemused expression on his face whilst watching Penny and Roger carving pumpkins!

But life has to go on, altho I'm still finding it hard. I'll turn the tv on and one of his favourite programmes will be on. Something funny will happen to me, and the first person I'll want to ring and tell will be him. Like the Saturday a couple of weeks before Christmas I decided to ignore the forecast for HEAVY snow in East Anglia, and drove over to Basildon to Hobbycraft to buy some bits, and whilst I was in the store the snow came down like an express train, and within the space of 30 minutes Basildon was totally gridlocked.  I gingerly made my way back to my car and started my journey home to Southend at 1.30pm... finally reaching my door at 6.15pm. The journey on a good day should take about 20 minutes, 25 at the most... NOT 4 and 3/4 hours! And all the while I wanted to ring Dad to tell him...

Christmas was quiet, I'd planned to collect my other sister Jill on Christmas Eve and have her stay over, then Christmas Day we'd have driven down to Whitstable to spend the day with Penny and her husband Alastair. But Jill and I were both ill and didn't think it fair to inflict our germs onto Alastair because he's not been well either, so we scuppered that plan, and both stayed at home for Christmas Day. My friend Debbie from up the road invited me to hers for lunch, but I was home just after 6pm for a quiet nite in front of the telly.

And now its 2011. A new year, a new chapter in my life and a fresh start on things. Time to seriously tidy up in the lounge to get my craft desk back as a craft desk, not an administrative dumping ground for anything and everything. Time to get cracking on loads of craft projects that I want to do - nothing is stopping me from doing them. Time to stop wasting time playing games on Facebook (whoever invented Frontierville should be shot - it's so flippin' addictive!) Time to start blogging again so I can show off the crafting I'm doing.

As for giving up smoking and losing weight... we'll see... :-)

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